Helping Small Businesses Do BIG Things
      Helping Small Businesses Do BIG Things

A successful marketing and advertising campaign hinges upon the creativity and commitment of those responsible. At Jencor Advertising, we understand this commitment, as we are in the same shoes as you, a small local business trying to survive in this world of big business. We believe strongly in the American Dream, which gives us all an equal opportunity for prosperity and success through hard work. We want to see that Great American Dream live on, so we at Jencor Advertising will work hard to help your small business become the American Dream. 

Jencor Advertising's Dedicated Team

Neil Sevarino




Neil graduated from BYU in Media Advertising.  He first started working in TV (WPMT Fox 43 in Central PA) as an Account Executive, and later moved into Radio as a Sr. Account Executive, and soon became Sales Manager, helping with sales and promotions of both the station and advertisers. After the radio station was sold to a competitor, he moved to Northeast PA, still working in Radio. Not enjoying the changes in broadcasting regulations over the years, Neil decided to move back to his home state of Maryland.  Neil then worked for a local advertising magazine for 7 years. It was at this time that Neil and his wife Lisa decided to start their own business, and Jencor Advertising was born in 2004.


With over 30 years of marketing and advertising experience in several medias, and about 15 years with Jencor Advertising, Neil is excited and more than willing to help you reach your American Dream.   

Lisa Sevarino

The Heart and Soul of the Business


This is the first person who many talk to, as she does most of the phone calls to set up appointments for Jencor.  She is also the one who keeps Neil under control and makes sure he thinks before acting.  Lisa also writes most of the articles and does a lot of the proofreading.  All businesses need someone like her to survive, and Neil has been lucky enough to have her around for over 30 years.  Every business who has someone like Lisa will understand how important she is to its success. 

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